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Rails Rumble 09 – the experience

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28 Aug 2009 – São Paulo, SP – Brazil

Rails Rumble 2009 occurred this weekend and I have participated, together with ArthurGeek and Nando Viera, of team Awesome.

Our application is called TWT and here is its original description:

It’s a Twitter web client that aims to provide a set of flexible filters so one can only receive tweets with real value, not random “mundane” ones that really drains time and attention.

Among the filters we plan to do: mute (indefinitely and time based), by words (both “don’t show tweets with these words” and “show only tweets with these words”) and “valuable” tweets (i.e. only tweets that have been re-tweeted at least 3 times by friends).

It will be also an API, so later on we can develop desktop and mobile clients

Needless to say, there wasn’t enough time to finish all that features, but the application is online with some basic ones (and some bugs too): Twtapp

The weekend was fun and stressful. Here is the summary of the experience and some thoughts/tips:

We expect to continue to develop the application. Soon it will be the application we’ve planned and we’ll let you know.

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